NUNTIUS is the newsletter of Eta Sigma Phi, the national Classics honorary society. It is published twice a year. Copies of the NUNTIUS are sent  free of charge to all active, associate and honorary members at active chapters. Issues of the NUNTIUS are also available on-line. A lifetime subscription to the NUNTIUS is also available to non-members or to members who wish to continue receiving the newsletter after graduation. The cost of this lifetime subscription is a single payment of $50. Click here for a subscription form.


Marjorie Cooper, Alpha, University of Chicago, 1926-1927
Helen E. Bachman , Mu, University of Cincinnati, 1927-1928
William Gerber, Omicron, University of Pennsylvania., 1928-1929
Ruth E. Brown, Alpha Iota, University of South Carolina, 1929-1930
Maude Brazzelle, Alpha Iota, University of South Carolina, 1930-1931
Mary K. Brokaw, Gamma, Ohio University, 1931-1936
Robert C. McClelland, Omega, William and Mary, 1936-1937
George W. Currie, Pi, Birmingham Southern, University 1937-1939
Mrs. Harold Dunkel, Alpha, University of Chicago, 1939-1940
Mary K. Brokaw, Gamma, Ohio University, 1940-1943
Rhys Williams, Alpha Episilon, Lehigh University, 1943-?
William C. Korfmacher, Beta Zeta, St. Louis University., 1950-1951
Graydon Regenos, Alpha Chi, Tulane University. 1951-1955
H. R. Butts, Pi, Birmingham Southern University, 1955-
Mary Ann Burns, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, 1972?-1973
Bernice L. Fox, Gamma Omicron, Monmouth College. 1973-1974
Roy Lindahl, Beta Beta, Furman University, 1974-1978
Brent Froberg, Beta Alpha, University of South Dakota, 1978-1997
Wayne C. Tucker, Beta Theta, Hampden-Sydney College 1997-2004
Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Gamma Omicron, Monmouth College, 2004-2010
Georgia Irby, Omega, College of William and Mary (2011-2022)
Jennifer Ranck, Alpha Theta, Hunter College (2022-)


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