2011 Eta Sigma Phi Scholarship Recipients

 Summer Travel Scholarships:
Two scholarships, one to the Classical Summer School of the American Academy in Rome and one to the Summer Session of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, are open to Eta Sigma Phi members who have received a Bachelor’s degree within the eight years prior to application (or shall have received it by June 1st of the current year) and who have not received a doctoral degree. A third scholarship, to a Summer Session of the Vergilian Society at Cumae, Italy, is open, in addition to those eligible for the first two scholarships, to members who will be rising juniors or seniors in the coming summer, and preference will be given to such undergraduate students. All three scholarships include full program tuition plus a travel stipend.

2011 Recipients:
Brent Malcom Froberg Schlolarship to the American School of Classical Studies in Athens:

Rebecca Sausville
of Epsilon Mu at Fordham University

American Academy in Rome Scholarship:
Andrew Willey of Beta Psi at Rhodes College

Theodore Bedrick Scholarship to the Vergilian Society at Cumae:
Keith Oskvig of Epsilon at the University of Iowa

 H.R. Butts Summer Scholarship for Fieldwork in Classical Archaeology:
An award of $2000.00 to support fieldwork experience at an archaeological site in the Greco-Roman world. Preference is given to undergraduates who have had not yet had experience in archaeological fieldwork, but experienced fieldworkers and graduate students are also welcome to apply.
2011 Recipient:
Rachel Cartwright, Gamma Sigma at the University of Texas at Austin

 Eta Sigma Phi Bernice L. Fox Latin Teacher Training Scholarship
An award of $500 supports a summer activity contributing to the recipient’s preparation for teaching (e.g., American Classical League Institute, the Kentucky Language Institute, or the Illinois Pedagogy Workshop) or university courses leading to certification. Elligibility: Eta Sigma Phi members who are now teaching, or preparing to teach, at the pre-collegiate level; and  who have received a Bachelor’s degree since within the last ten years or who expect to receive it before the summer of the current academic year; and who have not received a doctoral degree.
2011 Recipient: Sarah Ruff at the Epsilon Iota at University of Florida

Sarah is earning an MAT in Foreign Language Education: Latin at the University            of South Florida. She has served as megale chrysophylax of Eta Sigma Phi.

For more information about these scholarships, see http://department.monm.edu/classics/esp/Scholarships.html

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