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Call for Papers
Call for Bids for 2009 Convention

81st Annual


March 27-29, 2009

Memphis, Tennessee

at the invitation of

Beta Psi Chapter

at Rhodes College

(Some members of Beta Psi’s local committee)


The convention will begin with a reception on Friday evening, March 27, 2009, and end with the final business session at 12 o’clock on Sunday, March 29, 2009.  There will be talks by students, reports on chapter activities, scholarly lectures, a certamen, a banquet with ancient dress optional and plenty of time for socializing.

Call for Papers and Presentations


Undergraduate members of Eta Sigma Phi are invited to propose papers or artistic performances for presentation at the convention on Saturday, March 28, 2009.  All submissions will be judged anonymously.  The three members whose presentations are selected will have their registration fees remitted.  Students should be certain that they will be able to attend the convention before submitting their proposals.


1.             The presentation may be either a paper or an artistic (musical, dramatic, etc.) performance.  It should deal with some aspect of classical language, literature, or civilization and be directed toward an undergraduate audience.   A paper written for a class is acceptable. 

2.             A proposed paper must be able to be read aloud at a moderate pace in 15 minutes, or in 20 minutes if it is illustrated with PowerPoint.  It should generally be no longer than 10 double-spaced pages, excluding any endnotes and bibliography.  The paper should be e-mailed as a .pdf to unless it is illustrated; in that case a CD containing the PowerPoint should be mailed to Dr. Sienkewicz, and the script for the presentation should be included in the "Notes" section of the PowerPoint.   

3.             A proposed artistic performance must last no longer than 20 minutes.  The performance should be recorded on a DVD and mailed to Dr. Sienkewicz; in addition a detailed written description of the performance, its goals, and its relevance to classical civilization should be e-mailed as a .pdf to

4.             Along with the paper, CD, or DVD, please e-mail or mail a cover sheet that lists your name, title of your paper or artistic presentation, e-mail address, school address, telephone number, name of your Eta Sigma Phi chapter, and name of your schoolTo preserve your anonymity, do not put your name or any other identifying marks on your paper, in your PowerPoint, or on the CD or DVD that you submit. 

5.             The receipt deadline for all submissions is Monday, February 2, 2009.


For more information, contact:
Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Executive Secretary

Eta Sigma Phi

Department of Classics
Monmouth College
700 East Broadway
Monmouth, IL 61462

Phone:  309-457-2371                        Fax:  815-346-2565                                             E-mail: